Prescribed books for Political Science Optional

Prescribed books for Political Science Optional

Books for the paper I An introduction to Political Theory-  O.P. Gauba An introduction to Constitution- D.D. Basu Indian Polity – Laxmikanth A History of Political Thought: Plato to Marx – Mukherjee and Sushila Ramaswamy India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra Politics in India – Rajni Kothari Books for paper II Does the Elephant … Read more

Battle of Bedara Upsc and Dutch in India

Battle of Bedara Upsc and Dutch in India

Dutch East India Company was founded in 1603 AD. Dutch first settlement was Machilipatnam which was captured in 1605 AD. Pulicat was the main center of trade for the Dutch until 1689. After 1689 Nagapatnam turned to be the main center of Dutch trade in India. Their other settlement was Bhimunipatnam near Vishakhapatnam which was … Read more

Blue water policy Upsc

Portuguese trade and Blue water policy in India Upsc

Bluewater policy of Portuguese Its basic idea is to make Portugal a powerful country in the maritime region under this strategy. In India, it is the fortification of the Indian Ocean for establishing Portuguese business in the Indian Ocean. The aim of the blue water policy of the viceroy of Possession in India, Francisco de … Read more

Forest and Wildlife Resources in India Tnpsc Notes

Types of Forest and Vegetations

This article is for Tnpsc exams for the topic ‘Forest and Wildlife‘ Types of Forest and Natural Vegetation in India from geography is quite important for most government exams including UPSC and other state government exams. It is essential to know about forests, vegetation, and types of forest from any government officer’s point of view … Read more

Structure and Physiography of India Upsc

Structure and Physiography of India Upsc

India Structure and Physiography The Northward movement of the Indian plate is still continuing and has significant consequences on the physical environment of the Indian subcontinent. The movement of the plate is primarily because of endogenic and exogenic forces and lateral movement of the plates present geological structure and geomorphologic processes that are active in … Read more

Art, Jewellery and craft of Indus valley Civilization Upsc

Arts of the Indus Valley-Beared man with bust

The arts of the Indus valley civilization came throughout the last half of 3000 BCE. The artworks of the Indus valley civilization embrace Sculptures, seals, pottery, gold ornaments, terracotta models, etc. The artworks of the Indus Valley Civilization are extremely realistic in the portrayal of human and animal figures. The two major sites of this … Read more

Relationship between DNA, Genes, Chromosomes and Traits Tnpsc

Genetics- Twins

Tnpsc: Genetics, DNA, Genes and Chromosomes What is Genetics? Genetics is the branch of biology that deals with the genes, genetic variation, and heredity of living organisms. What is heredity? It is the character transmission from one generation to the next generation. What is Variation? It is the differences exhibited by the individuals of the … Read more

Fdi advantages and disadvantages Upsc

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment UPSC Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)  means an investment in another nation that involves some degree of control and participation in management. It corresponds to the investment made by an investor from one country to a foreign country. It is not the same as portfolio investment, which is basically short-term and it does … Read more

* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.