US human development index

US human development index

US human development index is 0.926. US human development index State Wise Rank in US State HDI as per 2018 data 1 Massachusetts 0.956 2 Connecticut 0.953 3 Minnesota 0.947 4 New Jersey 0.943 4 New Hampshire 0.943 5 District of Columbia 0.942 5 Colorado 0.942 5 New York 0.942 5 North Dakota 0.942 6 … Read more

State wise soil type in India Upsc

Soil distribution in india state wise

Types of soil in India with states & Soil distribution in India Andhra Pradesh Red Soil is 66% of the cultivated area and presents mostly in Rayalaseema districts. Black Soil covers almost 25%, it is present in the coastal district and part of Rayalaseema and Telangana. Alluvial loamy clay soil covers 5% of the cultivated … Read more

Hunsgi Paleolithic Site

Hunsgi Paleolithic Site

It is located in Karnataka, in the Yadgir district, this place has a number of early Paleolithic sites. On this site, many stone tools, and weapons that are made of reddish-brown chert are found. The tools found include longish blades and many other instruments for multi-purpose usage. In some sites there were a large number … Read more

Formation of Mid oceanic Ridge Upsc

Mid Oceanic Ridge It is made of two chains of mountains that are separated by a large depression. It has peaked as high as 2500m and some even reach above the ocean surface. Ex: Iceland is part of the mid-ocean ridge. Mid oceanic ridge formation It occurs along the divergent plant boundaries when a new … Read more

India extent and Standard meridian of India Upsc

Standard meridian of India India’s standard meridian is chosen as 82°30′ E. This is called the ‘Standard Meridean’ of India‘. India is a large country, that lies entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. India extends between latitudes 8°4’N and 37°6’N and longitudes 68°7’E and 97°25’E. The Tropic of Cancer (23° 30’N) divides India into almost two … Read more

Diwani riyasat – Market reforms of Alauddin khilji Upsc

Diwani riyasat - Market reforms of Alauddin khilji Upsc

Khalji established four separate markets in Delhi. The first market for grains and the second market for cloth, sugar, dried fruits, butter and oil. Third for the horse, slaves and cattle, and the fourth market for miscellaneous commodities. Officer Who Controlled Market are: Shahna-i-Mandi, Naid-i-Riyasat, Munhiyans etc. Shahna-i-Mandi is the highest officer to control the … Read more

Objectives of planning commission of India Upsc

Objectives of planning commission Upsc

Main objectives of planning commission of India Increasing Production, Income and Employment Guarantee The main objectives of the planning commission are to increase the production at the national level, and Per capital income. Also, it planned an employment guarantee. The narrowing gap between Rich and Poor The second objective is to minimize the gap between … Read more

Objectives of Niti Aayog Upsc

Objectives of Niti Aayog Upsc

To include all the states in the planning process so that the Central government along with the State governments could identify developmental priorities and strategies. This would foster cooperative federalism as the states would be a part of the planning process. To formulate credible plans at the village level and aggregate them progressively. To ensure … Read more

* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.