Classification of Living Organisms Tnpsc

Three domains of classification All the organisms are classified into 3 major domains. Archaebacteria They are thermophilic or heat-loving bacteria. These bacteria live in high-temperature vents. Eubacteria Eubacteria is a single-celled organism that is without a well-developed nucleus. Eukarya Eukarya means ‘True Nucleus’. Eukarya are organisms that have a well-formed nucleus in their cell/cells. Five … Read more

Monsoon rainfall weather and climate in India Tnpsc

South west monsoon and rainfall in India

Climate of India primarily categorised as Winter during January to february, Pre-Monsoon or Summer during March to May, Southwest monsoon during June to September and Northeast Monsoon during October to December

History of Bahmani Kingdom Upsc

Bahmani kingdom and its territories

Bahmani Kingdom History Bahmani Kingdom History starts with Hasan Gangu. The Bahmani kingdom was founded by Hasan Gangu also known as Alauddin Bahman Shah in 1347 and it was ruled by fourteen sultans. Capital of Bahmani Kingdom The capital of bahmani dynasty is Gulbarga. Then the capital was shifted from Gulbarga to Bidar by Ahmad … Read more

Cropping pattern in India Upsc

Agriculture cropping pattern in India Upsc

Cropping pattern in India Cropping pattern in India refers to three different agricultural seasons, namely Kharif, Rabi and Zaid. The Kharif season is started by Southwest Monsoon, which helps in producing tropical crops such as rice, cotton, bajra, jowar etc. Similary Rabi season starts in October The agriculture and allied sectors include dairy, sheep, goat, … Read more

Delhi Sultanate History Tnpsc – Administration, Significance, and Rulers

Delhi Sultanate (1206 AD-1526 AD) Muslim invasion led to made establishment of the Delhi sultanate from 1206 AD to 1526 AD. The first sultan of Delhi is Qutub-ud-din Aibak. There are Five different dynasties- The slave, Khalji, Tughlaq, Sayyids and Lodis. Their rule extended throughout north India and penetrated Deccan and south India too. The … Read more

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