Blossom showers in India UPSC

Blossom showers in India

Blossom shower or Mango shower is a colloquial term that describes pre-monsoon rainfall. These rains are also called April rains or Summer Showers.

These rains fall across South and Southeast Asia such as India, Cambodia, etc. In India, these rains have significant effects like affecting the growth of Mangoes and Coffee. Usually, this rain occurs from March to April.

In India, it occurs as the result of thunderstorm development over the Bay of Bengal. The other names of this shower are Kaal Baisakhi in Bengal, Bordoisila in Assam, and Cherry Blossom Showers or Coffee Shower in Kerala.

Mango Showers

This shower helps in the ripening of mangoes and is hence called Mango Showers.

The Mango showers are experienced prior to the regular monsoon. It is common in parts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. These showers are difficult to predict by the meteorological department.

This rainfall is a conventional type of rainfall that is less effective for crops. This is because of intense drainage, the water has a low capacity to percolate the soil.

The Mango growers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu will worry if there is long dry weather during this season, as it might affect their harvest of Mango Fruit.

If there is deficient rainfall during March and April, the Mango harvest might get affected in the Urban and rule district of Karnataka around the Bangalore region, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu area nearer to Karnataka.

The mango showers in these regions are around 70mm in April. These regions are famous for mango varieties such as Alphonso, Mallika, Baneshah, Raspuri, Totapuri, Badami, Sendhoora, etc.

Also, this will down the Mango output by at least 25%, as the Mangoes will drop prematurely from the trees. The droop of mangoes from these prematurely is due to the low moisture content in the soil that makes the trees wilt.

Also, the roots of mango trees do not go deep into the soil and as a result, the trees cannot tap water from the below water table.

These pre-monsoon showers in Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu that help the ripening of mangoes are called Mango Showers.

Cherry Blossom or Coffee Shower

Coffee Showers in India
Coffee Showers in India By Abdulla Al Muhairi – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

It is also called Cherry Blossom or Coffee Shower in Karnataka. It is a local wind that blows in the interior of Karnataka in the hot weather season and this shower is good for coffee cultivation.

This shower is the one that gives a superior taste of the coffee from Coorg (Kodagu), Karnataka. The other regions that benefit from the showers are Chikmagaluru, Hassam, and Wayanad. These regions are known to grow the best variety of Coffee, known as Robusta.

These pre-monsoon showers known as Coffee showers are good for the blossoming of the floral buds of the Coffee plant. Also, the Coffee shower is essential and its delay causes harm to the coffee crop’s quality.


Kalbaisakhi is a dreaded evening thunderstorm that occurs in West Bengal and Assam. These showers are useful for the cultivation of tea, jute, and rice cultivation. This thunderstorm is called Kalbaisakhi as it occurs in the month of Baisakh, referred to as the month of calamity.

Kalbaisakhi in Assam is referred to as Bardoli Chheerha.


It is a hot and dry wind, with dust that blows regularly over the plains of North-West India. These winds are oppressive in nature. This blows in the northwestern plains from Punjab to Bihar.

Also between Delhi to Patna.


  1. Pre-monsoon rainfall is called in Karnataka?

Pre-monsoon rainfall in Karnataka is known as Mango Showers.

2. Mango shower in which state?

Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu

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