Decomposers in Africa

Decomposers in Africa are bacteria, fungi, earthworms, and inserts. The termites are effective in devouring and decomposing dead grasses in the African savanna and also aerate the soils.

Decomposers in Africa
Decomposers in Africa By Sripathiharsha – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Also, the most famous decomposer is African Dung Beetle(Neateuchus proboscideus) that feeds on animal dung. The primary decomposers are fungi and bacteria. Also, others are snails, slugs, mushrooms, also different types of worms, etc.


Is a dung beetle a decomposer?

Dung beetle does the most important thing is decomposing. It takes up waste, cleans it, and feeds on feces. It is detritivores that eat decomposing organic matter, animal feces, and also plant remains.

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