Ezoic earnings in India

I wrote a blog on Competitive Exams in India. My daily revenue with AdSense is mostly 0 USD to 0.2 USD. With 900 Visitor Day. After Joining Ezoic my traffic went on reach 1400 Organic Visitors from Google also revenue reached 1.4 Dollars a day, within a few months. This growth is really massive and it is almost 1400% growth.

Ezoic earnings in India
Ezoic earnings in India, I got Nearly growth of 1400%

Also, I received my first pay, only with Ezoic. The Growth may look very small for international users, But with Indian Traffic, it is significant growth.

But definitely, it has a long way to go. Ezoic has already shown me the right path, using their analytics. Ezoics Analytics, exactly, which types of posts are earning more. So that we can create a similar post. These types of data are very important for a blogger to improve performance.

I definitely say Ezoic is a great platform for Publishers, this is because I have been using AdSense for over a year, I received less than 1 USD a month. It was exactly during April 2021, I thought of closing my blog as it was paying me a single penny. To get a payment from Adsense, one should reach the minimum threshold of 100 USD.

With One USD a month, it may take me 20 Months with a growth that my Blog is growing with. But Ezoic had a minimum threshold of 20 USD. When you reach 20 USD ezoic will pay you. Their payment is the Net30 method. It means the money you earned for the month of January, you will be paid during the end of February.

Then I switched to Ezoic with a lot of doubts, that whether it will perform better than AdSense but actually it paid me just 2 months after joining it. It was an absolute stunner.

These are just my initial days. I am looking forward to making it 1000 USD a month with Ezoic.

Big Data Analytics

Another Good thing about Ezoic is its big data analytics. It is similar to what you get in Google Analytics. But Ezoic gives tailored data, that helps you increase your revenue.

Using this data, One can know Which Post is performing well, which post has the highest earnings and Why it is earning high. Also, it tells Session timing and bounce rate. Also, several other metrics are useful for content writers.

 Ezoic Big Data Analytics
Ezoic Big Data Analytics

Ezoic Minimum Traffic

Earlier, there used to be minimum traffic for Ezoic, that is at least 10,000 site visits per month. But now that criteria are removed. Ezoic now accepts growing new websites and also low traffic websites if it meets their quality guidelines, by ‘Early Access Now‘ option.

* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.