History UPSC notes – Resource, Approach, and Preparation

History Upsc notes are basically from Ncert books. One must prepare the Ncert books first and then look the alternative sources such as Standard books from standard authors and also from state government books.

First go to market buy old Ncert books and also the New Ones.

Open your computer create a word file and name it as Ncert notes or any other name of your choice and save it your Google drive.

Saving your files in the google drive is particularly helpful when you are switching your smart devices and help in carrying your files everywhere.

What, Where and How to create History Upsc Notes

Preparing History UPSC notes for the exam is a hell of a task because there is no clear cut prescribed topics or prescribed book mentioned by the UPSC.

If you want to clear exam means you have to confident enough. So your should start preparing by yourselves.

There are tons of pdf and ebook available in the web which may not always helps.

In Order to clear the exams one should not depend too much on the notes prepared by somebody else.

Create a note which is helpful to you, everytime.

On should start creating History Upsc Notes from Ncert, State Board book, and especially from the Tamil Nadu State government book.

Once your done with this look for the standard books and do make use google books.

History UPSC notes  Preparation, Strategy

Without moving out of the topic, A creating a word file, and saving it in google drive, you need to either buy books from the market or download ebooks from the internet. It’s purely your choice and convenience.

There lot of free apps available such as Epathshala, Diksha app where you will free Ncert books.

Now open the file, take notes 6th to 12th Ncert history books, both new and old. In your own words so that it is easy to revise the final revision days.

Arrange the History Upsc Notes in such a manner that it should be divided, in the same way, it is mentioned in the textbook as Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.

It is also important that you divide the History into Ancient, Medieval and Modern History.

This division is more important because most of the question you get is from Modern Indian History. That too from the arrival of Gandhi till the independence.

It is important to take note of Important Acts, Important Movements, Hartals, Social Reforms during the Post Gandhian phase.

As you known India freedom struggle is divided into Pre-Gandhian Phase and Post Gandhian phase.

Kindly concentrate more on Post Gandhian Phase. From the Gandhi Arrived in India till the independence. All the acts, commission, date, movements, etc.

For Medieval History, generally the question will come from the art and architecture. Do concentrate a bit in these areas.

As far the ancient history, there is irregular pattern and kindly do concentrate Vedic System, Ancient Pottery, Gupta, Maurya, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.

Once you prepared your notes to form Ncert Old and New books. Do kindly takes notes from 11 and 12th standard Tamil Nadu State History books.

In recent years Tamil Nadu State Board History book became a standard for Upsc Preparation because of its extensive coverage of topics.

The focus areas mentioned mentioned are just very tiny, one should cover everything for Upsc.

Upsc questions are very standard, and high quality, which not one can predict, one should be ready to cover each and every topic from Ncert book.

Ncert book is the bible and additionally using Tamil Nadu state board books and other standard book.

Once your done which Upsc History notes now you concentrate on solving previous years’ papers, at least 10 years. So that one can have an idea of question pattern.

Solving more paper, help your critical thinking and time management.

Recommend books for Upsc History
History India’s Ancient Past A History of Ancient & Early Medieval India History of Medieval

Also check this website regularly, we will Upsc notes Pdf which will be helpful in your preparation.

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* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.
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