Properties of matter physical and chemical Tnpsc

Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. It exists in various forms and can undergo physical and chemical changes. Here are the properties of matter based on physical and chemical characteristics:

Physical properties of matter:

  1. Mass: The amount of matter in an object.
  2. Volume: The amount of space occupied by an object.
  3. Density: The ratio of mass to volume.
  4. Color: The visual appearance of an object.
  5. Texture: The feel or consistency of a surface.
  6. Melting point: The temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid.
  7. Boiling point: The temperature at which a liquid turns into a gas.
  8. Solubility: The ability of a substance to dissolve in a solvent.
  9. Odor: The scent produced by a substance.
  10. Conductivity: The ability of a material to conduct heat or electricity.

Chemical properties of matter:

  1. Flammability: The ability to burn or react with oxygen.
  2. Reactivity: The tendency of a substance to undergo chemical changes.
  3. Acidity: The level of acidity or basicity of a substance.
  4. Toxicity: The harmful effects of a substance on living organisms.
  5. Corrosiveness: The ability to deteriorate or damage other materials.
  6. Oxidation: The process of combining with oxygen.
* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.