Radar and its applications

  • Radar stands for Radio Detection and Ranging System.
  • Used to detect and locate objects like an aeroplane, missile, ships, etc.
  • Radar uses electromagnetic waves radiated by an antenna in all directions when a signal strikes an object, it gets reflected. 
  • This reflected signal is received by a radar antenna and fed to the receiver.
  • The range is calculated by time taken to reflect from the target object.

Application of Radar

  • Used in the military to detect the target.
  • Used in navigation systems such as ship-borne surface search, air search and weapons guidance systems.
  • To measure precipitation rate and wind speed in meteorological observations.
  • Employed to locate and rescue people in emergency situations.
* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.