Speed of sound in different mediums list


It is the distance traveled by sound waves per unit time through an elastic medium.

Speed (v) = Distance/ Time

If the distance traveled by one wave is taken together as one wavelength (λ), and therefore the time taken for this propagation is just one time period (T),

Speed (v) = One Wavelength (λ) / One Time Period (T) or v = λ/T.

Where T= 1/n and v = n λ

The speed of the sound stays the same for almost all the frequencies for a given medium under the same physical conditions.

Speed of Sound in Different Media

Sound travels via a medium at a finite speed.

The sound of the thunder during rain is heard only after the lightning is seen.

This indicates sound travels with lesser speed compared to light.

The velocity of sound is based on the nature of the medium.

The velocity of sound in a gaseous medium depends on the pressure, temperature, density, nature of the medium.

The velocity of the sound is higher in water by 5 times than in air.

Sound Speed is great in seawater with about 1530 ms-1 that is more than 5500 km h-1

Two whales communicate even hundreds of kilometers away.

The speed of sound in a solid medium depends on the elastic property, temperature, density of the medium.

The velocity of sound is less gas medium compared to the liquid medium and solid medium.

the speed of sound can be increased by increasing the temperature of any medium.

The speed of sound in air is 330ms-1 at 0-degree Celsius and 340ms-1 at 25 c.

Below table is the Speed of Sound in Different Medium

StateMediumSpeed in m/s
LiquidsSea Water1531
Distilled Water1498
Sulphur Di Oxide213
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