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Significance as a Secular literature

Thirukkural is one of the most important pieces of secular literature available. It comprises worldly things. Also, it does not preach religious faiths, beliefs, or rituals.

It contains a set of 1330 couplets and is divided into three books and 133 chapters.

It is regarded as Universal and Secular as it has no relation to any religion, caste, language, worship, etc. It makes it applicable to people from all walks of life.

Also, two words are not mentioned in Thirukkural that make more secular. That is Tamil (Tamil Language in which Thirukkural is written) and Kadavul (God).

But Thirukkural is one among Eighteen Literary works (Pathinenkeezh Kanakku Nools), which is categorized as the works of Jains. Also, some scholars consider it a proponent of Jain principles and also show him as propounded of Christianity.

Relevance to Everyday Life

It emphasizes important principles such as non-violence, brotherhood, equality, vegetarianism, caste, friendship, love, sex, etc. These are the lessons that every human can draw as sources of inspiration in life. It is for all ages.

The Kural addresses three principles for living a meaningful life as Aram (Virtue), Porul (Wealth), and Inbam (Pleasure). Its best messages are seen in the first book which is on Aram(Virtue).

Impact of Thirukkural on Humanity

Thirukkural is an outstanding work, that is written in a poetic form. It is definitely is one of the greatest works on Ethics and Morality. Its couplets are based on the multi-facets of different types of people’s life.

Thiruvalluvar’s work shows the administrators good governance and bad governance. Also teaches normal men, women, and children to lead a meaningful life with moral values, righteousness, honesty, truth, compassion, love, etc.

It impacts humans as describes the life of normal people, such as Husbands, Wives, Children, friends, etc.

Tiruvalluvar formulated rules for individual success, and also for social harmony. These couplets also tell about non-violence, brotherhood, and vegetarianism.

These lessons that every human being can take the source of inspiration from it.

Thirukkural and Universal Values

Thirukkural teaches five Universal values such Love, Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, and Non-Violence.


Kural 972 – All human beings are equal by birth, but distinctions arise only because of the different qualities of their actions. (பிறப்பொக்கும் எல்லா உயிர்க்கும் சிறப்பொவ்வா செய்தொழில் வேற்றுமை யான்)


Kural 355 – Whatever be the apparent nature of things, it is wise to investigate their true nature (எப்பொருள் எத்தன்மைத் தாயினும் அப்பொருள் மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு)


* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.
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