Difference between waves tides and ocean currents Upsc

The ocean water is dynamic. Its movements are influenced by Physical characteristics and external forces.

Causes of ocean water movement such as Waves, Tides, and Ocean Currents are Temperature, salinity, density, and external forces such as sun, moon, and winds.

Difference between waves tides and ocean currents

Difference between waves tides and ocean currents
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There are two types of movement in Ocean water are Horizontal and Vertical motion. Ocean current and waves are Horizontal movements and Tides are vertical motion.

The ocean currents are the continuous flow of a large amount of water in a particular direction. The water moves ahead from one place to another in case of ocean currents.

On the other hand, Waves are a horizontal movement of water, where the water does not move. But in the case of wave train the moves ahead. The vertical motion refers to the rise and fall of the ocean and seawater due to the attraction of the moon and sun.

This vertical motion will happen twice a day. Another type of vertical movement is caused by the upwelling of cold water from subsurface and surface water sinking.

Waves Tides and Ocean Currents are the types of movement of ocean water.



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