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Bairam Khan

Bairam Khan was Akbar’s guardian and was an extraordinary military general who served Humayun, the father of Akbar. He had a great contribution to expanding the Mughal empire.

He was also a powerful statesman and regent at the court of the Mughal emperor. Bairam Khan served as guardian, chief mentor, adviser, teacher and trusted ally of Akbar. As a result, Akbar honoured Bairam khan as Khan-i-Khanan, which means king of kings.

Akbar and Bairam Khan

As a conqueror, Akbar triumphed all over North India. The first four years of Akbar’s rule saw the expansion of the Mughal empire from Kabul to Jaunpur, including Gwalior and Ajmer, under his regent Bairam Khan.

Soon Bairam Khan began to behave haughtily towards his fellow nobles. Akbar, enraged by his behaviour issued a Farman dismissing Bairam Khan.

This led to Bairam Khan’s revolt which was ably dealt with by Akbar. Bairam Khan, finally agreeing to submit himself to Akbar, proceeded to Mecca.

Bairam khan Death

But on his way, he was murdered by an Afghan. The family of Bairam khan was brought to Delhi and his son Abdur Rahim became one of the luminaries of Akbar’s court with the title Khan-e-Khanan.


1.Why did Akbar dismiss Bairam Khan?

Bairam Khan was a Shia Muslim and was disliked by Sunni Turkic nobles. And also Bairam Khan was highly authoritative and Akbar removed him to become top of authority.

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