Functions and Composition of Niti aayog Upsc

Niti aayog

The planning commission was scrapped by a cabinet resolution on 1 January 2015. A new commission was introduced called Niti Aayog. Its full is ‘National Institution for Transforming India‘.

It is neither a constitutional body nor a statutory body. This institution decentralized the idea of making the entire planning process.

Reason for the Formation Niti Aayog

Functions and Composition of Niti aayog Upsc
Functions and Composition of Niti aayog

The government of India recognized the plurality and diversity of Indian states. The people’s needs were different, as the regions, geographic conditions, and economics were different.

Some states are more developed than others. Example: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, was the most developed, and Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc. are the least developed.

As a result, a thought that uniform planning for the entire nation is not the right way to plan and also a uniform plan will not give desired results. Thus it was formed to design a plan for every region.

Centre-State Relationship in Planning

The regional state could be involved in the planning and implementation of development plans in a better manner. It aims at cooperative federalism.

It makes specific plans to make inclusive of all sections of the population that could be made part of the developmental process. It is a Think Tank of the Government of India.

It provides strategic technical advice relating to the policymaking to the Union and the state government. It analyses the best practices from India as well as from other countries.

It advises on all the issues of national and international importance.

niti aayog logo
Niti Aayog Logo
  • Ceo is Amitabh Kant
  • Vice chairman is Rajiv Kumar

Composition of Niti-aayog

  • Prime Minister of India is the chairman of Niti Aayog.
    • Currently(2021) – Narendra Modi

  • Prime appoints the Vice-Chairman – Rajiv Kumar(2021)

  • There are five full time and 2 part-time members.

  • It has a governing Council that comprises of the Chief Minister of all the states and Lt. Governors of the Union Territories.

  • Four members of the Union Council of ministers are nominated as ex-officio members.

  • It also comprises of a Chief Executive officer (CEO) – Amitabh Kant(2021)

Niti aayog vs planning commission


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* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.
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