Diastrophism Process Upsc

Diastrophism Process Upsc

Diastrophism in Geography Definition

All the processes which move, elevate or build up portions of the earth crust comes under Diastrophism.


The processes involving mountain building by severe folding and affecting long and narrow belts of the earth crust. In this process, the crust is severely deformed into folds.


The process that involves uplifting or warping of large parts of the earth’s crust. In this process, there may be simple deformation.


The earthquake is shaking of ground, that involves local relatively minor movements.

Plate Movements

Plate tectonics involves horizontal movements of crustal plates.

The deference between the Orogenic and Epeirogenic process, is Orogeny is a mountain building process and epeirogeny is a continental building process.

The faulting and fracturing of crust is by the processes of Orogeny, epeirogeny, earthquakes and plate tectonics. All these four processes are caused by PVT changes. (PVT – Pressure, Volume, Temperature).

PVT induces metamorphism in rocks.