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Maratha Empire

  • Maratha Empire played a major role in weakening the Mughal empire and displacing the Mughal empire by the 18th century.
  • Maratha general venkoji who is the half brother of Shivaji established Maratha rule in Thanjavur by using Bijapur forces.
  • Their rule in Tamilnadu continue from 1674 to 1832, that is until the death of Serfoji-II.

Founder of the Maratha empire

  • The founder of Maratha empire was Sivaji (1627-1680).
  • Sivaji was the son of Shahji Bhonsle and Jijabai (first wife).
  • He born was in Shivner near Junnar.
  • Shivaji was influenced by Ramdas and Tukaram religiously.
  • Shivaji regarded Ramdas as his spiritual guru.

maratha empire map

Maratha empire family tree

  • Shivaji
    • Shaji Bhonsle (Father)
    • Jijabai
  • Sambhaji(elder son) and Rajaram (younger son)
    • Shivaji (Father)
  • Tarabai (First wife) and Raja Bai (Second wife)
    • Rajaram(Husband)
  • Shahu (Shivaji-II)
    • Sambhaji(Father)
  • Sambhaji-II
    • Raja Bai (Mother) and Rajaram (Father)
  • Rama Raja
    • Shahu (Father)
  • Shahu-II (Adopted Son)
    • Rama Raja (Father)
  • Pratap Singh
    • Shahu-II (Father)
  • Shaji-II (Shaji Appa Saheb)
    • Pratap Singh (Younger Brother)

Maratha empire kings

  • Shivaji
  • Sambhaji
  • Rajaram
  • Tara Bai (Rajaram wife)
  • Shahu(Sambhaji son)
  • Balaji Viswanath as Peshwa
  • Raja Bai (Second wife of Rajaram) and her son Sambhaji-II
  • Rama Raja
  • Shahu-II (Adopted son of Rama Raja)
  • Pratap Singh
  • Shaji Appa Saheb, Shaji-II


  • Balaji Viswanath (1713-1720)
  • Baji Rao-I (1720-1740)
  • Balaji Baji Rao (1740-1761)

Maratha empire flag

maratha empire flag
Maratha empire flag

maratha empire history

shivaji maratha empire

maratha empire vs mughal empire

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