North east monsoon in India Upsc

North east monsoon in India Upsc

Post Monsoon or Retreating or Northeast Monsoon in India

The southwest monsoon starts in North India by the end of the second half of September because of the southward shifting of pressure belts.

This wind gets backs from the Indian peninsula and blows towards the Bay of Bengal.

The Coriolis forces deflect this wind and make this wind blow from the Northeast and it is known as North-East Monsoon or Post Monsoon season.

The Northeast Monsoon in India is connected with the formation of the North-Easterly wind system over the Indian subcontinent.

From this season, the states such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and south interior Karnataka get good rainfall that almost 35% of its annual rainfall.

The Retreating monsoon creates a large-scale loss of life during the storms that occur frequently in Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, and some parts of Karnataka.

During these seasons, strong winds and storms hit the coastal regions, and the daytime temperature falls rapidly all over the country.

The average temperature over North-west India shows a decreasing trend from 38 and falling to 28-degree celsius in November.

North east monsoon in india
North east monsoon winds in india map

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