Objectives of planning commission Upsc

Objectives of planning commission of India Upsc

Main objectives of planning commission of India

Increasing Production, Income and Employment Guarantee

The main objectives of the planning commission are to increase the production at the national level, and Per capital income. Also, it planned an employment guarantee.

Objectives of planning commission Upsc
Increasing Production and income is the main objective of Planning commission By Shakher59 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20722622

The narrowing gap between Rich and Poor

The second objective is to minimize the gap between the rich and poor. The planning commission’s other main aim is to establish an egalitarian society.

India is known for Economic inequality, that is there is a wide gap between the rich and poor. Also, there are disparities in income, wealth, etc.

The planning commission had planned to give a broader role to the state in narrowing the gap between the rich and poor. This could be done in a rational way and address the issue related to income distribution. Thereby socio-economic justice and development could be achieved.

Resource Allocation

The Planning Commission has the job of allocating and assessing the resources of the country. This is very important, as these resources could be used for the future needs of the nation.

These resources are Capital, Human resources, Natural resource, etc. Planning resources allocation is the primary duty of the planning commission, as these resources could be used effectively and balanced manner in the future.

The Human and Natural resources are allocated by the planning commission among various sectors based on priorities. And also by needs, stages of progress.

Also, the resources are allocated to various Government programmes such as poverty alleviation, Industrial, agricultural development, etc.

Identifying the Factors that Hinders development

The Planning commission has an aim at finding the factors that are responsible for the poor state of development in-country. Also, everyone is different and it is difficult to identify the factors that affect the countries economy.

Since 1945, the UN (United Nations) has established a number of global obligations to address the economic and social well-being of common people.

The commission needs to identify the conditions and issues that would be a hindrance to the development. It had to examine the ways by which the plan could be effectively implemented in the prevailing conditions of the nation.

It also determined the stage-by-stage execution of the plan.The planning process had to be assessed periodically so that the right strategies could be used to implement the plans.

In the process, the planning commission had the function of advising the central and state government with regard to the appropriate strategies of planning.The commission also had to analyze particular issues and advice the government.

It was the role of the planning commission to determine the rate of growth of the economy specifying the targets of the plan period for every sector.

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