Ocean floor configuration and its major divisions Upsc

Ocean floor configuration

It helps in the know about the distribution of continents and oceans. the ocean floor is divided into three divisions based on its depth and as well the forms of relief.

The division is known as Continental Margin, deep-sea basin and mid-ocean ridges. The Ocean floor configuration

Continental Margins

Continental Margins are the transition between the continental shores and deep-sea basins. These include a continental shelf, continental slope, continental rise and deep oceanic trenches.

The deep oceanic trenches are one which is interesting part with respect to the distribution of oceans and continents.

ocean floor configuration
Ocean floor configuration

Abyssal Plains

Abyssal Plains are extensive plains that lie between the continental margin and mid-oceanic ridges.

These are the areas where the continental sediments are deposited.

Mid Oceanic Ridges

Mid oceanic Ridges are an interconnected chain of mountains system under the ocean. These are the longest mountain chain on the surface of the earth, which are submerged under the ocean.

It is characterized by a central rift system at the crest, a fractionated plateau and a flank zone all along its length.

The volcanic activity zone occurs in the crest of the rift system.

Fractionated plateau and Flank zone

Fractionated plateau

Flank zone

  • The flanks are market by set of mountain and hills, which are elongated and parallel to the ridge trend.
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