Uy scuti vs Sun and How big is Uy Scuti?

Uy scuti vs Sun and How big is Uy Scuti?

UY Scuti vs Sun

Uy Scuti vs Sun is the most discussed topic in recent years. So we try to answer all the possible comparisons and questions arising out of it. First, we want to know What is Uy Scuti? It is a supergiant star that is present in the constellation Scutum.

It is currently the largest star by radius discovered by Humans. When uy scuti is compared to the Sun, its volume is almost 5 billion times that of the Sun. It is very big, and if it is replaced with that of the Sun in the Solar system, its photo-sphere would engulf Jupiter.

This supergiant star was first catalogued in 1860 at Bonn Observatory by German Astronomers.

The characteristics of Uy Scuti are: It is a bag of dust enshrouded bright red supergiant star and it is classified as a semiregular variable with a pulsation period of 740 days(approx). It is calculated that its brightness is 100,000 times more than the Sun.

It is the most luminous star out of the three-star present in the Galactic Center region. The other two are AH Scorpii and KW Sagittarii.

Uy Scuti

UY Scuti (BD-12°5055), is a star that is categorised as an extreme red hypergiant or supergiant star in the Scutum constellation. It has a radius that is 1700 times larger than the radius of the sun.

This red hypergiant star is approximately a distance of 9500 light years away from the earth.

Now let us compare Uy Scuti vs Earth and How big is Uy Scuti?

How big is uy scuti?

The radius of Earth is 6371 km and the radius Uy Scuti is 1.188×109 km. That size earth so small compared to it, that is you can 4 quadrillion Earth into Uy Scuti.

It is 1700 times bigger than the Sun and it’s mass 30 times Heavier than our Sun. Its size is 8 times the AU of Sun and Ear. (1 AU = Distance from Sun to Earth = 149,597,870.7 km)

Uy Scuti is a star and our Earth Planet. That means our earth does not produce or emit light.

Also Earth is solid, it is built by rocks where as Uy Scuti is a star made of gases.

Earth is present in the solar and it is present in constellation Scutum in the the milky way.

Uy Scuti vs Earth
By JoeyPknowsalotaboutthat – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Can Uy scuti be seen from Earth?

As it is located in the our milky way at distance of about 5219 light years from the earth, it can be seen.

It can be seen since it is a pulsating star that changes its brightness regularly.

What would happen if Earth orbited Uy scuti?

If we put Earth in orbit of Uy Scuti, that is 1.5 trillion km away from it. The reason we place 1.5 trillion km away from it because our planet has life and this distance is best to be habitable.

Our earth would take about 10,000 years to complete one revolution. Then comparing to that revolution, each season on the earth would last 2500 years.

What is the lifespan of Uy scuti?

It has completed its 90% of its lifespan. Only 10% is left , than means it has only few million years.

Why is Uy scuti so big?

It is currently classified as a red hypergiant variable star, that is it is on the verge of dying. Star usually grow big during its last stages of its lifespan.

Based on its size scientist belive that it is no longer in its younger day or in its main sequence. This is the probable reason for its big size.

UY Scuti distance from Earth

The distance between them is more than 5,100 light years.

How long will it take to get to Uy scuti?

Using a Space Probe for example New Horizon that would take little under 20000 years to travel just one light-year if it travels at a speed of 47 Mach or 58536.669 Kmph.

By Considering the distance of Uy Scuti from the earth which is 5100 light-years, the New Horizon space probe might take somewhere around 102000000 Year to UY Scuti.


We compared Uy Scuti vs Earth according to it size, locating, nature, distance etc. If any question arise to its relation, kindly mention in the comment section, we’ll try to answer it.

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