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List of fundamental rights available to foreigners in India

Fundamental rights for foreigners

  • Equality before the law and equal protection of laws (article 14).
  • Protection in respect of conviction for offenses (article20).
  • Protection of life and personal liberty (article21).
  • Right to elementary education (article 21A)
  • Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases (article 22)
  • Prohibition of traffic and human beings and forced labour (article 23).
  • Prohibition of employment of children in factories etc (article 24).
  • Freedom of conscience and free profession, practise, and propagation of religion (article 25).
  • Freedom to manage religious affairs (Article 26).
  • Freedom from payment of taxes for promotion of any religion (article 27).
  • Freedom from attending religious instruction or worship in certain educational institutions (article 28).