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Stem cell therapy for knee cartilage regeneration in India Upsc

Stem cell therapy for knee cartilage regeneration in India Upsc

Stem Cell Therapy

 stem cell therapy for the knee
Stem Cell Therapy for the Knee in India

Before seeing Stem Cell Therapy for the Knee, we need to what is stem cell therapy?

This therapy uses stem cells to treat a medical condition (disease). Earlier there was only Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation available, it is usually taken from bone marrow transplantation.

Now several types of research are being carried out to find new sources of these cells to treat neurodegenerative diseases. Also for diabetes and heart disease.

Stem Cell Therapy for the Knee

osteoarthritis stem cell treatment involves injecting the stems cells into the knee with Osteoarthritis. Injecting stem cells directly into the joint manipulates endogenous cells to increase the regenerative capacity.

Injections for knees

 Osteoarthritis will cause damage to the cartilages and it will result in pain, inflammation, etc as the damage to cartilage lead to friction increase. As you know, the cartilages cover the bone ends to make them glide smoothly against each other with minimal friction.

The idea here is to use the body’s own healing mechanism to repair the cartilage using Stem Cell Therapy. By this, the prime aim is to repair the damaged cartilage, which results in decreased pain and inflammation.

By doing so we could possibly prevent knee cap replacement surgery or postpone it. Stem Cell Therapy for Knee treatment involves, taking little blood, concentrating them together, and injecting them into the knee.

Based on research, the results were in favor of this treatment, where it improves the arthritis symptoms of the knees. This has shown positive results for six months to several years.

This treatment does not result in cartilage regrowth. Also, it has an advantage over knee replacement as the recovery time can last for several months. The best therapy for knees used by Doctors are the Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) 

Side Effects Stem Cell Therapy for the Knee

It has no or minimal side effects. However, some people have experienced pain and inflammation. And also it is too early to determine the effects as it is the latest addition to the medical field.


Research into this therapy for the Knee is ongoing. Most of the results also are positive and it is too early to determine its success rate and side effects. The success rate is almost 75%.


  1. Can stem cells treatment regrow the knee cartilage?

Statistically, a simple stem cell injection into the joints that do not want surgery provided good results.

2. Can stem cell therapy replace cartilage?

RECLAIM cartilage repair technique mixes chondrons from debrided tissue with donor autologous stem cells to create a biologic filler for the repair of damaged knee cartilage. This procedure can be completed in a single surgery.

3. What is the success rate of stem cell therapy for knees?

These ortho-biologic injections reduce knee pain by as much as 75% based on the study.

4. How long do stem cell knee injections last?

Stem cells as a treatment for arthritis have shown lasting results anywhere from six months to several years based on several studies.

5. Can Stem Cells Regrow Bone?

Bone regeneration is a hot topic in regenerative medicine. The bone regeneration process may improve effectively and quickly when stem cells are used.

For this stem cells are used with biomaterials or scaffolds and growth factors to speed up the bone healing at the fracture site.