Soil percentage in India, Distribution and Classification Upsc

Soil Percentage in India Soil distribution in India Agriculture mainly depends on the soil. It is composed of various minerals, air, organic matter, and water. These are present on the topmost layer of the land. Soil grains are of three types namely Sand, Clay, and Silt. The soils are formed by weathering of rocks and deposition … Read more

Indian national congress sessions (Inc sessions) from 1885 to 1947

Inc sessions

Formation of Indian National Congress Between 1875 and 1885 there were many agitations against British policies in India. In December 1884, Allan Octavian Hume, a retired English ICS officer, presided over a meeting of the Theosophical Society in Madras. The formation of a political organization that would work on an Indian basis was discussed and … Read more

Digestive system organs and functions in humans Tnpsc

Human Physiology Tnpsc

Digestion Digestive System The digestive system includes the gastrointestinal tract which is from mouth to anus and the glandular organs. The digestive system serves to transfer organic molecules, salts, and water from the external environment to the body’s internal environment. Most of the food taken into the mouth are large particles containing macromolecules such as … Read more

Demographic profile of India Upsc

Demographic profile of India Upsc

This is an article written for the topic in Tnpsc: “Population in the Indian Economics“ Population Concerning to Indian Economics Demographic trends in India Demography is the scientific study of the characteristics of the population. The factors of the demography trends are: Size of the population – Rate of growth, Birth and death rates, Density … Read more

Geography of Tamil Nadu and its impact on economic growth Tnpsc

Geography of Tamil Nadu and its impact on economic growth Tnpsc

Physical determinants of agriculture The geographical determinants of Agriculture are Landform, climate, soil, and Irrigation. The landform of Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu has a diverse landscape with hills, plateaus, and plains. The plains are mostly suitable for agriculture. The alluvial soil enhances agricultural productivity. Example – Plains of Cauvery. Agriculture on Plateau is moderate and … Read more

Physical features of Tamil Nadu and Geography of Tamil Nadu Tnpsc

Geography of Tamil Nadu The Article for written for the topic ‘Geography of Tamil Nadu Tnpsc‘. It is referred from Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Book. This Article cover the most important points of the physiography of Tamil Nadu and its wildlife. Tamil Nadu has different traditional and cultural practices. It has exquisite Physiography and climate … Read more

geographical landmarks Tnpsc

geographical landmarks tnpsc

Palani Panchamirtham, a sweet or prasadam used for abishega at Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple at Palani, Tamil Nadu is given a GI tag. Odisha rasagola, a sweet from the Indian state Odisha got GI tag. Kandangi Sarees of Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu that has a large contrast border got GI tag. Dindigul Lock got a GI tag, which … Read more

Tnpsc: 2019 Eminent Personalities and places in the news

Girish Karnad, actor and playwright passed away at age of 81. He received Padma Shri in 1974 and Padma Bhushan in 1992. He served as Chairman for Sangeet Natak Academy from 1988-1993. Amrita Pritam, first women to win the Sahitya Akademi award. Google celebrated his 100th birthday with a google doodle on 31 August 2020. Prabhakar … Read more

* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.