List of environmental acts in India Upsc

Wildlife Protection Act 1972 This law provides protection to wild animals and birds. This is an Act of the Parliament. By this law, protection is provided to wild animals, birds, and plants. This law extends to the whole of India. Its features are the establishment of Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parts, etc. The next feature is … Read more

Solar power plant in India upsc

Solar power plants in India Solar Power Plant Name State MW Bhadla Solar Park Rajasthan 2245 Pavagada Solar Park Karnataka 2,050 Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park Andhra Pradesh 1,000 NP Kunta Andhra Pradesh 978 Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Madhya Pradesh 750 Charanka Solar Park Gujarat 690 Kamuthi Solar Power Project Tamil Nadu 648 Ananthapuramu – … Read more

Types of tides Upsc

Ocean Tides and its types Upsc

The periodical rise and fall of the sea level, once or twice a day, mainly due to the attraction of the sun and the moon, is called a tide. The movement of water caused by meteorological effects (winds and atmospheric pressure changes) are called surges. Surges are not regular like tides. The study of tides … Read more

Ocean waves Upsc

sea waves upsc

Ocean waves Sea Waves are mostly caused by wind. The wind drive waves are called the surface and are formed by the friction between wind and surface water. When the wind blows across the surface of the ocean, the continuous disturbance forms a wave crest. These other types of sea waves also are discussed below. … Read more

Difference between waves tides and ocean currents Upsc

The ocean water is dynamic. Its movements are influenced by Physical characteristics and external forces. Causes of ocean water movement such as Waves, Tides, and Ocean Currents are Temperature, salinity, density, and external forces such as sun, moon, and winds. Difference between waves tides and ocean currents There are two types of movement in Ocean … Read more

Elements present in baking powder, its properties and Uses Upsc

Elements present in baking powder

Elements present in baking powder The Elements present in baking powder are: There are four elements present in Baking Powder. The Baking Powder is chemically called Sodium Bicarbonate and its IUPAC name is Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate. Baking powder formula Its chemical formula is NaHCO₃. Uses Baking Powder Baking powder is a dry chemical leavening agent. … Read more

India latitude and longitude Upsc

Latitude and longitude cordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates of India is 20.5937° N, 78.9629° E. What is latitude and longitude? It is a set of lines used to describe the location of any place on earth. As the earth is not a perfect sphere and its polar radius and equatorial radius are not the same. There is bulging … Read more

Which factor affects the temperature of ocean water? – Upsc

Horizontal and vertical distribution of temperature in ocean UPSC

The temperature of ocean water This article is about the Spatial and Vertical Variations of temperature in the oceans for the Upsc and Tnpsc exams. Just like land, the ocean’s water gets heated up by solar energy but the process of heating and cooling the ocean is slower compared to the land. Factors affecting temperature … Read more

International date line Upsc

Idl and arctic circle

International date line and its coordinates Definition It is an imaginary line dividing the surface of the earth, which runs from the North Pole to the South Pole and demarcates the border between one calendar day and the next. It serves as the “line of demarcation” between the two calendar days. Prime meridian Is the … Read more

Art and Architecture of Bahmani kingdom Upsc

Art and Architecture of Bahmani kingdom

Bahmani Kingdom Architecture Bahmani sultans developed an architecture called Persianate- Indo-Islamic. It was well adapted by the Sultanates of the Deccan. Kalaburagi, the first capital of Bahmani is the place where Jami Masjid was built in 1367. It has perhaps the Bazaar Street in the fort, it is one of the earliest of its kind … Read more

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