Australian Savanna Food Web

australian savanna food web

Australian savanna is a tropical region in the North of Australia which is defined by the tropical climate. This is a landscape is made of small trees, shrubs, and grasses covering the ground. This Australian Savanna is called Australian Rangelands. This vast savanna sweeps across more than 1.5 million square kilometers and is one of … Read more

Elephant grass adaptations in the savanna

elephant grass adaption and its physical features

The elephant grass adapted and incorporated shallow roots that help in the advanced absorption of water quickly and in huge amounts. The elephant grass is tall grasses that came to Africa in 1913 and it grows in dense clumps which a height up to 10 feet tall. It grows in the savanna in Africa along … Read more

Soil pollution in India Upsc – Causes Effects and Control measures

Soil pollution Upsc

Soil pollution definition Soil pollution is the degradation of land due to the disposal of waste on land. Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 Any substance (solid, liquid or gaseous) that is discharged, emitted or deposited in the environment in such a way that it alters the environment causes land pollution Types of Soil … Read more

Noise pollution causes effects and control measures Upsc

Noise pollution is an invisible danger, that cannot be seen but it is considered to be a disturbing sound that affects the health of humans and other organisms. Definition“Noise pollution is unwanted or excessive sound that can have deleterious effects on human health and environmental quality. Noise pollution is commonly generated by many factories. It … Read more

Effects of Air pollution on Environment and Ways to Control it

Air Pollution Air pollution is the poisoning of air due to the addition of solid, liquid, or gaseous particles in a certain concentration, that may cause health hazards to Humans, Animals, Plants, etc, and also affects the environment or ecology in long term. In India, to Prevent and Control air pollution government of India enacted … Read more

Temperate grassland food chain

Temperate grasslands found in the interior of the continents are characterized by large seasonal variations. It has warm summers and cool winter. These grasslands strongly depend on precipitation. If there is higher precipitation it leads to tall and soft grass.If there is lower precipitation it leads to the short and soft grass. These regions are … Read more

Desert food web with decomposers

desert food web with decomposers

Food web in the desert Producer Cactus Cactus are desert plants, they grow in dry places. They have the ability to store water, which keeps them alive. It is protected by sharp spines or needles. As soon as the sun rises, this plant starts making sugars. These plants have succulent tissue, waxy skin and specialized … Read more

Hunter Gatherer Food Chain and Pastoral Farming

Hunter Gatherer Food Chain and Pastoral Farming

The Hunter-Gatherer Food Chain is associated with Pastoral farming, also known as ranching, grazing, or livestock farming. It aimed at livestock production rather than growing plants, crops, etc. Examples are Raising cows for beef, milk, etc, raising sheep for wool, Goats for mutton, etc. In a single farm, the livestock and crops are grown simultaneously, … Read more

Lemongrass Adaptations in the Savanna

Lemongrass Adaptations in the Savanna

The Lemongrass also called Citronella grass, which is a kind of flowering plant which is part of the grass family. Citronella grass is found in tropical and subtropical areas. It grows well in sandy, loamy soils, well-drained, and fertile grounds and it requires a lot of rain during the growing season. Lemongrass Savanna Adaptations These … Read more

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