Nationalisation of banks in India Upsc

Nationalisation of banks in India UPSC

Nationalisation of Banks Nationalisation of banks means It is an act of taking a bank and its assets owned by the private sector into the public ownership of a national government by purchasing a majority stake that is more than 50% owned by the government. Reason of Nationalisation of Banks After the Independence, the Government … Read more

Problems faced by farmers in India Upsc

Problems faced by farmers in India Upsc

Problems faced by farmers in India Problems faced by farmers in India are uncertainty in water supply, Lack of mechanization, small and fragmented land holdings, High cost of inputs, infertile soil, Agricultural marketing, lack of transport and storage facilities, etc. Small and Fragmented Land Holding Land fragmentation is a serious issue as it reduces agricultural … Read more

US human development index

US human development index

US human development index is 0.926. US human development index State Wise Rank in US State HDI as per 2018 data 1 Massachusetts 0.956 2 Connecticut 0.953 3 Minnesota 0.947 4 New Jersey 0.943 4 New Hampshire 0.943 5 District of Columbia 0.942 5 Colorado 0.942 5 New York 0.942 5 North Dakota 0.942 6 … Read more

Objectives of planning commission of India Upsc

Objectives of planning commission Upsc

Main objectives of planning commission of India Increasing Production, Income and Employment Guarantee The main objectives of the planning commission are to increase the production at the national level, and Per capital income. Also, it planned an employment guarantee. The narrowing gap between Rich and Poor The second objective is to minimize the gap between … Read more

Objectives of Niti Aayog Upsc

Objectives of Niti Aayog Upsc

To include all the states in the planning process so that the Central government along with the State governments could identify developmental priorities and strategies. This would foster cooperative federalism as the states would be a part of the planning process. To formulate credible plans at the village level and aggregate them progressively. To ensure … Read more

National Development Council of India Upsc

National development council The National development council (NDC) or Rashtriya Vikas Parishad is an apex body for decision-making on development matters in India. It is a non-constitutional and non-statutory body. The national development council was set up in August 1952 by the Union Government. Chairman of the national development council NDC includes all the chief … Read more

Vat Upsc – Value added tax in India

Value added tax in India or VAT VAT is introduced in India in April 2005. It replaced the existing sales tax with VAT Act 2005. Earlier some states such as Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh have opted out of VAT but adopted later. It is a method of … Read more

Minimum Support Price (MSP) Upsc

minimum support price upsc

Minimum Support Price (MSP) It is a pre-announced price, where the farmers are paid for their crops. It is set by the Government of India to procure crops directly from the farmers. It is not enforceable by law. MSP rate is only to safeguard the farmer to get at least minimum profit for their harvest. … Read more

Why does the government usually maintain a buffer stock of grains? Upsc

Agriculture Produce in India

What is buffer stock? It is a stock of foodgrains such as wheat, rice, etc. These are procured by the government of India by the Food Corporation of India (FCI). The FCI procures the foodgrains from the farmer in states where there is surplus production and at the preannounced price which is called Minimum Support … Read more

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